Sunday, October 4, 2009

Article critique

I enjoyed the article "Stephen Hawking is Making his Comeback" from Discover magazine. It especially sparked my interest because I've taken some astronomy classes and I enjoy learning about the cosmos. However, I can see how someone that doesn't know much about the topic might find the article long and complicated. At the very least, it was a well-written biographical tribute to an interesting man.

Lede: I give the lede a 17 out of 20. It drew me in and was somewhat creative, but there's room for improvement.

Content: The content was great. The author obviously did his research and was able to convey an essence of Hawking and his ideas to readers. 20 out of 20.

Organization: I was also very impressed with this aspect of the article. There is so much info in the article, and I'm sure when the author sat down to write, he really had to wrap his mind around everything he wanted the article to say. He was able to get it all down in a logical way. 20 out of 20.

Writing Style: I enjoyed the style. It managed to be authoritative and conversational at the same time. 19 out of 20

Clarity: I didn't have too much trouble understanding the science in the article, but I have a bit of astronomy background. I think some of the science in the article is over a lot of people's heads. The author tries to explain things in simple terms, but concepts such as singularities, event horizons, and quantum uncertainty can take some time to wrap your head around. 15 out of 20.

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